2014 Yamaha Cygnus-X Scooter

2014 Yamaha Cygnus-X Scooter

Yamaha has introduced its new scooter, the 2014 Yamaha Cygnus-X. The new Yamaha Cygnus-X looks sportier than before, as well as now comes equipped with LED taillights and a new display instrument.

The Yamaha Cygnus-X is powered by 125 cc one-cylinder, SOHC, four-stroke engine with fuel injection system, developing 11 hp and 9,1 Nm of torque. There’re two options available: the standard Cygnus-X XC125 with black painted wheels and the Cygnus-X XC125SR with grey painted wheels.

The Yamaha Cygnus-X XC125 is available in either white or black color, while the Yamaha Cygnus-X XC125SR comes in red. Both Cygnus-X XC125 and Cygnus-X XC125SR will hit in Japan this February, and will set you back ¥278250 and ¥283500, respectively.

Yamaha Cygnus-X XC125SRYamaha Cygnus-X XC1252014 Yamaha Cygnus-X Scooter_1

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