2014 Zuma 50FX Scooter Vivid Yellow

2014 Zuma 50FX Scooter Vivid Yellow

Besides introducing the 2014 model year of Zuma 50F scooter, Yamaha has unveiled another 50cc scooter called the Zuma 50FX.

Based on the Zuma 50F which was first introduced in 2012, the 2014 Yamaha Zuma 50FX Scooter is powered by the same 49cc, liquid-cooled 4-stroke SOHC, 3-valve engine, with a claimed fuel economy up to an estimated 132 mpg and shares the same single headlight design and clear turn signals. The sport-inspired Zuma 50FX sits on 10-inch wheels and features large-gauge steel pipe frame, a 23-liter capacity under-seat storage and so on.

Available in Team Yamaha Blue/White and Vivid Yellow/Raven, both the 2014 Zuma 50F and 2014 Zuma 50FX cost $2,590.

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