Honda Working on 400cc Engine for Asean Market

Honda Working on 400cc Engine for Asean Market, CBR400R

Honda is working on the new 400cc parallel-twin liquid cooled engine designed for the Asean Market like Jepang, India, Malaysia and Indonesia. The new engine is actually a modification of the 470 cc engine found on the Honda CBR500R and CB500 bikes, which have been unveiled in Europe a year ago.

The new 400cc has the same 67mm bore as the 500cc unit, but the stroke has been downsized to 56.6mm. Though no official word on its power figures yet, it’s expected that the bike with the new 400cc engine which rumored will be called Honda new CBR400R will make around 40-42PS, similar to the Competitor’s Ninja 400.

Visually (as illustrated by Japanese motorcycle magazine, Young Machine), the new CBR400R will share similar design to CBR600RR dan CBR250R. Another rumor even said that there will be a naked version of the CBR400R.

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