Honda EV-Cub Concept

Honda EV-Cub Concept

Apart from the “Light Weight Super Sport” and Neowing, Honda will also display a new EV-Cub Concept in Tokyo. Yes, the Company will “again” – in 2009 Honda was unveiled EV Cub concept at the Tokyo Motor Show – present the EV Cub Concept to the public at the 44th Tokyo Motor Show.

Described as the “easy-to-handle and economical motorcycle” Honda hopes the Electric model will follow the success of the Honda Super Cub as the best selling motorcycle of all time. Its heavy battery is low placed in the middle of the body, to make it easy for the user to mount and dismount the new electric concept. Furthermore, the low center of gravity with a concentration of mass helps the maneuverability of the EV-Cub Concept.

The battery itself was made detachable and can be charged using a standard home wall socket.

Honda also provided some photos with no information for six other models, including two Grom50 Scramblers (Concept-One and Concept-Two), a retro Super Cub Concept, plus the CB Concept, the CB1100 Custom Concept and the CB1300 Super Bol D’Or Concept.

Honda Super Cub Concept Honda Super Cub Concept_1 Honda Super Cub Concept Retro Headlight Honda Super Cub Concept Gauge Honda EV-Cub Concept_1 Honda EV-Cub Concept_2 Honda EV-Cub Concept Retro Round Headlight Honda EV-Cub Concept Gauge Honda EV-Cub Concept Gauge_1 Honda EV-Cub Concept Gauge_2 Grom50 Scrambler Concept-Two Grom50 Scrambler Concept-Two_1 Grom50 Scrambler Concept-One Grom50 Scrambler Concept-One_1 CB1300 Super Bol DOr Concept CB1300 Super Bol DOr Concept_1 Honda CB Concept Honda CB1100 Custom Concept Honda CB1100 Custom Concept_1

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