BMW HP4 with New ABS Pro

BMW HP4 with New ABS Pro

BMW Motorrad has released the new anti-lock braking system called the ABS Pro in Munich, Germany. Built by Bosch, the ABS Pro is the first lean angle-sensitive ABS system designed specifically for the needs of supersports segment, offering increased safety when braking on bends, prevents the wheels from locking up, and stops the bike from standing up. The ABS Pro is refinement of the Race ABS, but it was developed for use on public roads rather than for the track.

The ABS Pro will be initially offered as a retrofit upgrade on the BMW’s highest-specification S1000RR, the HP4. It adapts ABS control to the HP’s banking angle depending on the current situation on the road, which is determined by the same sensors for roll rate, yaw rate and wheel speed as already collected by the sensor cluster – the Dynamic Damping Control (DDC) and the Dynamic Traction Control (DTC). On HP4, the new anti-lock braking system only works in Sport and Rain mode.

As mentioned above, the ABS Pro is currently available as a retro-fit on BMW HP4s and in German only, from the end of October 2014. It is priced at € 380. No word on U.S. pricing or availability.

BWM isn’t the first company to launch cornering ABS. It was KTM that first launched a Bosch-developed system on its 1190 Adventure earlier this year.

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