Moto Guzzi Announces US Prices and Color Choices of the 2014 Models

Moto Guzzi Announce US Prices and Color Choices of the 2014 Models

Here’s a complete list of Moto Guzzi’s 2014 models:

2014 California 1400 Touring ABS
Color Options: Ambassador Black and Eldorado White
MSRP: $18,490

2014 California 1400 Custom ABS
Color Options: Basalt Black and Mercury Gray
MSRP: $15,490

2014 V7 Racer
Color Option: Chrome
MSRP: $10,490

2014 V7 Stone
Color Options: Matte Black and Pure White
MSRP: $8,490

2014 V7 Special
Color Options: Black/Orange S3 and Silver/Black S3
MSRP: $9,290

2014 Griso 8V SE
Color Option: Black/Silver Devil
MSRP: $12,990

2014 Stelvio 1200 NTX ABS
Color Options: Amazon Green, Orange
MSRP: $15,990

2014 Norge GT 8V ABS
Color Options: Madreperla White, Metallic Mahogany
MSRP: $16,290

You can visit for further information on any of these 2014 models.

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