2013 Honda CBR250R Repsol Edition

2013 Honda CBR250R Repsol Edition

American Honda has announced the 2013 model year of the Honda CBR250R with new color options. The 2013 CBR250R now can be had with either solid black, solid red and the slightly revised pearl white, blue and red color schemes, but the biggest news for the 2013 CBR250R is the all new Honda Repsol Edition that sports the Repsol’s orange with red and white colors, the Honda Racing Corporation logo and the “One Heart” motto of Honda’s Indonesian joint venture which also sponsors the MotoGP Racing team.

The new 2013 models will come equipped with all black wheels and will be available with ABS, except for the Repsol graphics, and a new black exhaust cover. The 2013 Honda CBR250R Repsol Edition will come with Repsol-orange wheels and will only be available in a standard.

2013 Honda CBR250R_2

2013 Honda CBR250R_1

2013 Honda CBR250R
The engine of the 2013 Honda CBR250R remains unchanged, it is still powered by the fuel-injected 249cc DOHC single-cylinder engine.

Pricing and availability of the 2013 Honda CBR250R have yet to be announced.

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