Terra Motors Reveals Kiwami Electric Sportbike

Terra Motors Reveals Kiwami Electric Sportbike

Terra Motors has revealed its new “green” sportbike called the Kiwami, ahead of its public apperance at the 2014 Auto Expo which will be held in early February in New Delhi, India.

The Japanese for “extreme” or “ultimate”, the 2014 Kiwami is powered by a 10 kw (13 hp) electric motor with a high torque rating, which the Japanese electric vehicle maker claims It has a top speed of 160 kph (99.4 mph). Furthermore, the Company even claims the bike can offer acceleration performance equivalent to a 1000cc gasoline-powerd sportsbike. Its lithium ion battery provides for a range of 200 km (124.3 miles), and can be fully charged in six hours.

The Kiwami electric sportbike will retail in India for Rs. 18 Lakh (about US$29.000). With Company’s mission, “to deliver electric vehicle (EV) of high quality and services in the tradition of what consumers in India come to appreciate and expect from the Japanese industry.” The new Kiwami is surely can be a new green transportation option for India.

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