2014 KTM EXC and SX Lineup European-spec

2014 KTM EXC and SX Lineup European-spec

KTM has unveiled the 2014 KTM EXC enduro and SX motocross lineup (European-spec). The U.S.-spec models have yet to be revealed, but will be mostly the same with some differences. For example, the U.S.-spec of KTM 450 SX-F will be offered with a five-speed transmission instead of a four-speed transmission.

All 2014 enduro models (EXC) receive several upgrades including the molybdenum steel frame, a redesigned swingarm, and new fuel tanks. The all new and ready to race EXC models also get minor suspension update, new airbox covers, headlights, hand guards as well as new front fender (50% stiffer than the previous one) with a new shape designed to reduce mud build-up.

The KTM SX models also receive the new front fender, new designed swingarms and the new fuel tanks with a new filler cap. The four-stroke SX-F models now even can be installed with larger EXC fuel tanks from the KTM’s PowerParts catalog, thanks to its new fuel pump system which is the same as the EXC models’s.

The 2014 KTM 450 SX-F gets a lighter camshaft with a strengthened auto-decompression mechanism as well as a lighter engine case along with a more durable piston, revamped clutch system and a new three-layer cylinder head gasket. The 2014 KTM 250 SX-F’s engine now is linked to a lighter five-speed transmission with extremely precise and simple shifting instead of six. Meanwhile, the 350 SX-F model remains the same for 2014.

The four-stroke EXC-F versions also get engine updates including redesigned cylinder heads. For 2014, both KTM 450 and 500 EXC-F models now feature a new overhead camshaft which is said to be 10% lighter the previous one, and the valve springs are also said to be 40% lighter. The engine management system features selectable preset engine maps and a customizable tool that allows riders to to modify the ignition and fuel injection settings.

The 2014 KTM 250 EXC-F comes with a new engine case and a new balancer shaft to share more characteristics with the 350 EXC-F model. According to KTM, the 250 and 350 EXC-F’s crankshaft is heavier the SX-F version’s in order to improve traction and increase gyrating mass for more uniform power development.

Moreover, the two-stroke EXC and SX models get a redesigned reed valve housing and Boyesen performance reeds replacing the V-Force reeds featured in past years. The 250 SX, 250 EXC and 300 EXC models also receive new cylinder heads with an improved combustion chamber and a more powerful battery.

Suspension is still comprised of the 48mm upside-down fork from WP Suspension and PDS rear shocks, but with an updated fork oil and seal rings for better damping. The chain guide on the swingarms also has been modified to improve reliability while simultaneously reducing the weight.

All models come equipped with Brembo front and rear disc brakes with a new remote reservoir, new levers with optimised lever kinematics and a smaller-diameter brake piston.

The Damped Diaphragm Steel clutch is now available for all four-stroke SX and EXC models as well as the 250 SX model.

KTM also offers well-proven Six Days edition versions of the EXC models in recognition of the brand’s success in the world’s largest enduro competition, the International Six Days Enduro (ISDE). The Six Days edition versions equipments include:

– 4CS closed-cartridge fork from WP Suspension with revamped settings
– Frame with high-quality orange coating in race look
– New machined triple clamps, orange anodised
– Black anodised handlebar with KTM Six Days logo
– Supersprox 2-piece rear sprocket with steel outer ring and aluminium star
– Solid rear brake disc (no slots/holes)
– Camel SXS seat with optimised foam core
– Skid plate
– Radiator guard
– Carbon exhaust protector
– Exhaust silencer with Six Days anodising (anthracite) and Six Days logo
– Wheels featuring high quality, black anodised rims made by GIANT with Six Days logo and black spokes
– Quick-release spindle at the front
– Orange radiator grille
– Orange chain guide
– New speedo from MAE
– Exclusive Six Days graphics

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