The Mistress Bike Kawasaki W650

The Mistress Bike Kawasaki W650
The ‘Mistress project’ by Wrenchmonkees, this project is based on the Kawasaki W650. The bike has a weight loss of almost 15 kg thanks to the new battery box, fenders, seat, brackets, a new 25 mm shorter Bitubo rearshocks.

Other features inlcudes a new motocross style footpegs, a classic black aluminum handlebar, Beston style white grips, a “bates style” taillight from Ebay and a new Supertrapp mufflers.

There’s no major change in engine, it’s only equipped with the K&N filters and the Supertrapps that make the Kawasaki W650 runs really smooth with a sweet deep sound.

This black Kawasaki W650 looks fiercer than the original, and The Wrenchmonkees have transformed this W650 into a much lighter, more agile and some might say a more fun bike than the original.

This ‘Mistress project’ bike was built for the Mistress Gentlemen’s Motorcycle Club (MGMC), a fractional ownership club for luxury motorcycles in Lisbon Portugal.

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