2016 Honda CBR500R_1

2016 Honda CBR500R_1

Here it is the look of the 2016 model year of the CBR500R. Made its public debut at the AIMExpo show in Orlando, Florida, the second-generation CBR500R features a “Aggressive Speed Shape” fresh, edgier design and gets several equipment upgrades.

The 2016 Honda CBR500R gets a revised bodywork, LED headlamp and shortened, upswept taillamp. The 500cc bike also comes equipped with a new shorter exhaust muffler, smoother shifting, adjustable front brake lever, a larger fuel tank, a pre-load-adjustable fork, and a new ignition key. The 2016 Honda CBR500R is still powered by the same 471 cc in-line twin cylinder engine that provides 47Hp.

The 2016 Honda CBR500R will be available in Honda showrooms early next year, and will be offered with three color options: Red, Matte Black Metallic, Pearl White.
2016 Honda CBR500R Pearl White 2016 Honda CBR500R Matte Black Metallic 2016 Honda CBR500R Millennium Red 2016 Honda CBR500R_2 2016 Honda CBR500R
Honda also announced new color options for the 2016 CBR300R, CBR600RR and CBR1000RR.

2016 Honda CBR300R Candy Orange Matte Black
The 2016 Honda CBR300R will be available in Black, Bright Yellow/Matte Black, Candy Orange/Matte Black. It is priced at $4,399, while the ABS version costs $4,899. Availability: December 2015

2016 Honda CBR1000RR Matte Black Metallic
The 2016 Honda CBR1000RR will be offered in a new Matte Black Metallic, available for $13,999. While the CBR1000RR SP will come in Repsol Special, for $17,299. Availability: January 2016.

2016 Honda CBR600RR Black White
2016 Honda CBR600RR will be available in a new Black/White color, for $11,490 and $12,490 for the ABS model. Availability: January 2016.

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