2014 Suzuki GSR750Z Special Edition

2014 Suzuki GSR750Z Special Edition

Suzuki UK has unveiled a new special edition GSR750, called the GSR750Z. The 2014 Suzuki GSR750Z is available in two version: Non-ABS and ABS, and it set you back for £7,399 and £7,799 respectively.

Based on the Suzuki GSR750, the 2014 Suzuki GSR750Z is powered by a powerful 749cc four cylinder DOHC fuel-injected engine that has a total output of 105Hp at 10.000rpm and a maximum torque of 59 lb.ft at 9000 rpm. The engine is mated to a 6-speed transmission, which sends its power to the rear wheel.

Visually, the 2014 Suzuki GSR750Z is more sporty than the standard GSR750, thanks to its special Blue/White color scheme reminiscent of Suzuki’s traditional racing colours, gold-anodised front fork outer tubes, red-anodised front fork spring adjuster bolts, a red rear suspension spring, matt silver handlebars, a blue drive chain, a white belly pan and a R11 Yoshimura exhaust.

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