For Sell: Wazuma V8 Ferrari

For Sell, Wazuma V8 Ferrari
Based on the Wazuma R1, the Wazuma V8F features atypical 3 wheels geometry (2 largely spaced front wheels and 2 attached rear wheels). It was 100% designed and manuifactured by Lazareth.

This supercool Wazuma is powered by a Ferrari 3.0L V8 with 250 hp. The engine merges the injection system of two sport bike engines and is electronically controlled by a Sybelle system. The engine is also mated to BMW M3’s 6 speed sequential gearbox that is controlled from the handlebars. All the engine management can be modified and monitored with a computer.

Other features inlcudes red paint job, modified Momo (+Power) rims with Brembo calipers and four 324mm brake discs as well as has very specific suspension system. The Wazuma V8F comes equipped with 18-inch wheels (285-30ZR18 for the front and 315-30ZR18 for the rear).

Wazuma V8 Ferrari is for sell with price of € 200,000 or about $ 261,140. Click here for the details.

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