2015 Kymco Downtown 350i

2015 Kymco Downtown 350i

The 2015 Kymco Downtown 350i is one of two Kymco’s newest big scooters unveiled at the 2014 Milan show. The 2015 Kymco Downtown 350i is the second edition of the Downtown which was first announced in 2009.

For 2015, the Downtown 350i’s 320cc single-cylinder engine has 21 more cubes than the one in the current Downtown 300i model, delivering better performance at low rpm, plus the new engine design comes with high-strength materials that improve the conversion efficiency of the CVT transmission control, resulting in high fuel-efficiency and low emissions. The engine delivers 30hp and 20.9lbft of torque, and has a top speed of 90mph, better than the Kawasaki J300.

Other features include a highly rigid structural steel frame, enhanced lean-angle to 39ยบ, increased cowling-surface by 40%, large under seat storage for twofull-face helmets, a 12v accessory outlet, dual headlights with LED circular position lamp design, automotive grade dual diamond shape taillight with LED guide light, blue backlight LCD dashboard, adjustable suspension, 37mm Telescopic front fork, MT Aluminum alloy wheel, and so on.

Kymco also offers the 125cc model of the Downtown, which makes 14.3hp and 8.1lbft.

The second Kymco’s new maxi scooter for 2015 is the 2015 Kymco Agility Maxi 300i. It is powered by a 270cc single-cylinder engine that delivers 23.3hp at 8,000 rpm and 16.6 lbft of torque at 6,500 rpm. Both Downtown 350i and Agility Maxi 300i come standard with Bosch ABS.

2015 Kymco Downtown 350i, 2015 Kymco Downtown 125i, and 2015 Kymco Agility Maxi 300i Specifications and pictures:

2015 Kymco Downtown 350i_42015 Kymco Downtown 350i_32015 Kymco Downtown 350i_22015 Kymco Downtown 350i_12015 Kymco Downtown 350i Specs2015 Kymco Downtown 350i Instrument Display2015 Kymco Downtown 350i Headlight2015 Kymco Downtown 350i and 2015 Kymco Downtown 125i Specifications2015 Kymco Agility Maxi 300i_22015 Kymco Agility Maxi 300i_12015 Kymco Agility Maxi 300i2015 Kymco Agility Maxi 300i Taillight2015 Kymco Agility Maxi 300i Storage2015 Kymco Agility Maxi 300i Specifications2015 Kymco Agility Maxi 300i Seat2015 Kymco Agility Maxi 300i Right Side_12015 Kymco Agility Maxi 300i Right Side2015 Kymco Agility Maxi 300i Rear Wheel2015 Kymco Agility Maxi 300i Instrument Display2015 Kymco Agility Maxi 300i Helmet Storage2015 Kymco Agility Maxi 300i Headlamp2015 Kymco Agility Maxi 300i Front Wheel

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