Robocop’s New Black Motorcycle

Robocop’s New Black Motorcycle

The hero police office ‘Robocop’ is back with new futuristic all black body armour, minimalist black helmet and an awesome black motorcycle.

As you can see from the pictures, the new Robocop bike comes with piecemeal fairings, wheel covers, a high seat, very low clip-ons, and rear sets mounted way back on the swingarm. What do you think of Robocop’s new black motorcycle?

These set pictures (courtesy O’Neill/White/ have been taken at the film’s set in Toronto. Directed by Jose Padilha, the upcoming film ‘Robocop’ stars Joel Kinnaman (plays Alex Murphy), Michael Keaton (plays Raymond Sellars), Abbie Cornish, Gary Oldman, Jay Baruchel, Samuel L. Jackson, Jennifer Ehle, Jackie Earle Haley and Michael Kenneth Williams.

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