2016 Kawasaki Z125 125cc Mini-bike, Grom's Rival

2016 Kawasaki Z125 125cc Mini-bike, Grom's Rival

Kawasaki has announced a new 125cc bike for Asian markets, called the 2016 Kawasaki Z125. Having a compact bodywork and powerd by a 125cc engine, the mini-me version of the Z1000 would become Honda’s Grom rival, although it’s not clear the Z125 be available worldwide – as for right now it will be limited to Japan and asia markets.

The 2016 Kawasaki Z125 will be offered in two variants: The regular Z125 with an automatic centrifugal clutcha and the Z125 Pro with a manual clutch. Both models are powered by a SOHC, four-stroke single cylinder 125cc engine. Power sent to the front wheel through a four-speed transmission. The exhaust nearly unseen since it tucks in neatly under the engine.

The Kawasaki Z125 sits on the 12-inch wheels with a 100/90-12 tire up front and a 120/70-12 at rear. Other features include 200mm front and 184mm rear petal brake discs gripped by single-piston calipers, a 30mm upside-down front fork with a 100 mm stroke and an offset rear shock, an instrument cluster with an analog tachometer and multi-function LCD screen, an aggressive-styling multireflector headlight, a Z-shaped taillight, and so on.

As comparison, the Kawasaki Z125 has a 30.7-inch seat height compared to the Grom’s 30.1 inches, a larger tank than Grom’s (can carry 1.95 gallons of fuel, 0.5 gallon more than the Grom).

The 2016 Kawasaki Z125 will be available in three colors: Candy Lime Green, Metallic Graphite Gray, and Candy Burnt Orange. The bike will be making its public appearance at EICMA show in Milan in mid-November.

2016 Kawasaki Z125 125cc Mini-bike, Grom's Rival_1 2016 Kawasaki Z125 Exhaust 2016 Kawasaki Z125 Poweplant 2016 Kawasaki Z125 Rear 2016 Kawasaki Z125 Front 2016 Kawasaki Z125 Green 2016 Kawasaki Z125 2016 Kawasaki Z125 Candy Burnt Orange 2016 Kawasaki Z125 Metalic Graphite Gray 2016 Kawasaki Z125 Dashboard 2016 Kawasaki Z125 Taillight 2016 Kawasaki Z125 Headlight 2016 Kawasaki Z125 Rear Shock

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