Dainese Cafe Boots

Dainese Cafe Boots

Motorists are less protected and are about thirty-eight times more likely to be seriously injured than car drivers per kilometre travelled. That’s why, they need motorcycle riding gear and apparel to protect their body in a crash. Nevertheless, good motorcycle riding starts with the right skills, training and attitude.

Motorcycle boots are one of those motorcycle apparel you need to have or wear, especially when riding in the dirt or in cold weather. A pair of motorcycle boot can protect your feet, ankles and the lower legs from impact and abrasion.

These fashion black leather motorcycle boots provide high-quality protection and also can be stylish addition to your appearance. They are perfect for motorcycling and everyday wear.

Dainese Cafe Boots (pictured above):

This heavy-duty motorcycle boot made in cowhide with split leather inserts. The Dainese Cafe Boots feature nylon ankle guard, polyurethane inserts on heel and toebox, as well as a breathable double jersey mesh liner under a vintage look. They also have an ergonomic design with temperature adjustment, plus non-slip rubber sole and gear shift guard. Perfect for those who ride a cruiser, harley, or cafe racer.

Fiorentini + Baker Motorcycle Boots:

Fiorentini + Baker Motorcycle Boots
Made in Italy. Thie black washed leather plain toe double buckle motorcycle boot comes features side zip and rubber sole.

Rag & Bone Flat Motorcycle Boots:

Rag & Bone Flat Motorcycle Boots
This leather motorcycle boot comes with buckled strap detail, and features a versatile mid-calf rise, round toe, pull tab, and flat riding heel.

Other (left to right):

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Jimmy Choo Women Biker Buckled Motorcycle BootJimmy Choo Black Leather Motorcycle BootFrye Harness Black 12R Chain BootPrada Leather Motorcycle BootRag & Bone Leather Round Toe Pull-on Motorcycle Boot

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