2012 Vespa LX and S

2012 Vespa LX and S

For 2012 model year, the Vespa LX and Vespa S scooters will come equipped with by a brand new three-valve engine developed by Piaggio’s own Research and Development Center.

Both Vespa LX 3V and the Vespa S 3V will be powered by a new air-cooled fuel-injected 4-stroke Single-cylinder with 3-valve distribution which will not only provide for outstanding performance but also low fuel consumption and reduce emissions.

The new engine utilizes a new crankshaft with reduced friction on the cam axle bearings and roller rockers, with the spark plug is now located in a new position in order to improve cooling in the cylinder head.

The 2012 Vespa LX 3V and the Vespa S 3V are available in 125 and 150 iterations. The 124cc version delivers 11.4 hp at 8250 rpm and 7.9 ft-lb. of torque at 6500 rpm, while the 150 version produces 12.7 hp at 7750 rpm and 9.4 ft-lb. of torque at 6250 rpm. Both models have an 2.19-gallon fuel tank, with fuel consumption of 155 mpg if riding at a constant speed of 30 mph and the new service intervals are set at 6200 miles.

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The Vespa LX 3V features a round headlight and matching mirrors, a large lockable glove compartment and extra chromed luggage racks front and back. The seat is designed for two-up riding with a passenger grab rail. The 2012 Vespa LX 3V can be had with Nero Vulcano black, Montebianco white, Rosso Dragon red, Blu midnight blue or Verde Portovenere green paintwork.

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The Vespa S 3V has a sportier appearance than the Vespa LX, and it has a rectangular headlight with matching mirrors. Instead of the glove box that can be found in the LX model, the S has two open pockets. The 2012 Vespa S will be produced in five different colors: Nero Lucido black, Montebianco white, Rosso Dragon red, Azzurro Mediterraneo blue and a special edition Nero Abisso black.

Other features on the new Vespa LX and the Vespa S include electric start, CVT transmission and sheet steel bodies. The front wheel is an 11 inch and the rear 10 inch wraped with Michelin Pilot City tires. The front suspension is a coil spring – red coils for the S models and black coils for the LX- and dual action monoshock on a single sided swing arm and a preload-adjustable dual-action hydraulic monshock at the back. The front wheel uses a 200mm disc brake while a 110 mm drum brake stops the rear wheel.

In Italy, the S 125 3V and the S 150 3V are priced at €3,770 and € 3,970, respectively. While the LX 125 3V is available for €3,620 and the LX 150 3V for €3,820. No word on U.S. availability for the new 3V Vespas at the moment.

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