2014 Limited Edition Ural MIR

2014 Limited Edition Ural MIR

Russian motorcycle manufacturer, Ural, has unveiled a new limited edition model of its three-wheeled machine. Called the 2014 Ural MIR, the latest limited-edition model is named in honor of the joint Russian-American space program Shuttle-Mir that kicked off 20 years ago.

What makes the 2014 Limited Edition Ural MIR is its Orbital White Metallic paint, and a solar panel, and dual high-intensity LED lights on the top of the sidecar. The solar panel serves as a battery tender and accessories power source, and it also can be swapped with the included sidecar nose luggage rack, if you need more storage capacity.

Furthermore, the Ural MIR also comes equipped with a custom tonneau cover that uses the same reflective insulation material NASA used on their insulated astronaut blankets, rider and passenger windshields, a spare tire, “M??” LE badging, bench Seat, sidecar Bumper, on-demand 2WD, and a military grade 36mm multi-disciplinary wrench with a special QR code for “when all else fails” emergency repair instructions.

Production of the 2014 Ural MIR is limited to just 20 units. It will arrive at dealers in November, with price starts at $16,999.

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