Victory CORE concept

Victory CORE concept

Victory Motorcycles is showcasing a collection of prototype machines built by the Polaris Industrial Design group and custom models in its display at the Minneapolis IMS show, (Feb. 3-5).

The prototype vehicles displayed include the Victory CORE concept which first unveiled at the 2009 IMS, the Victory Vision 800 concept first shown in 2006, and the Polaris Revolver sports ATV. Also, there’re some Custom built Victory Motorcycles on display include the Victory Axe which was produced in 2005 by the Victory Engineering Department; a bobber named the “Fuelie” from an early V92 fram by The head of the Polaris Industrial Design group, Greg Brew; the Café Racer styled Judge by Zach Ness; and two custom Victory models from Klock Works Kustom, the “Klock Roads” bagger and the “Tattooed for Life” charity motorcycle.


Victory Vision 800 conceptPolaris Revolver sports ATVthe “Tattooed for Life”the “Klock Roads” baggerThe new Victory Judgethe Café Racer styled Judge by Zach Ness

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