Kawasaki W650 by Deus

Kawasaki W650 by Deus

This classic motorcyle by Deus is called The French Connection. Based on Kawasaki W650, this cool custom motorcycle comes with beautiful combination of orange, black, and white paint job and it’s also been lowered at both ends and features rims and hubs with black satin paint. This French Connection W650 breathes in through K&N filters, and out via a custom 2-into-2 exhaust system.

This Kawasaki W650 now has tank from an SR500 with a simple Daytona speedometer tucked into the front cut-out. To complete its classic looks, the W650 is also equipped with vintage style headlight that supports the tachometer and its fork legs were swapped over, while the Tokico caliper positioned on the lefthand side. Fork internals also have been modified while Ikons are helping at the rear. The front and rear fenders are custom.

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