2014 Honda CB1100 EX

2014 Honda CB1100 EX

Besides announced the updated 2014 CB1100, Honda has revealed the new 2014 CB1100 EX variant at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show.

Like the base model, the 2014 Honda CB1100 EX is powered by the 1140cc CB1100 engine which is housed in a steel double-cradle frame. The engine is linked to a six-speed gearbox, producing 89hp at 7500rpm and a more impressive 91Nm of torque at 5000rpm. Suspension consist of the 41mm conventional forks and a period style twin-shock rear, all of which is adjustable for spring preload.

At 573 pounds, the CB1100 EX is 26.7 pounds heavier than the CB1100. It has an extra 0.8 gallons capacity, up to 4.6 gallons, and a range of about 194.6 miles on a full tank compared to 167.8 on the regular CB1100.

Visually, the CB1100 EX variant distinguished from the base CB1100 by adding more-retro-parts include wire-spoke aluminum rim wheels and twin exhaust silencers. The side panels, seat and modest passenger grab handle have been redesigned from the regular model. Furthermoder, the 2014 Honda CB1100X also has a thicker and softer seat than the CB1100.

Other features are identical to the CB1100’s. The 2014 Honda CB1100 EX will be available in Candy Alizarin Red, Pearl Sunbeam White and Darkness Black Metallic.

At the moment, the new CB1100 EX is announced for the European market, and no word on neither its nor the 2014 model year of CB1100 US availability yet.

2014 Honda CB1100 EX_42014 Honda CB1100 EX_32014 Honda CB1100 EX_22014 Honda CB1100 EX_12014 Honda CB1100 EX Seat2014 Honda CB1100 EX Rear Wheel2014 Honda CB1100 EX Rear2014 Honda CB1100 EX Pedal2014 Honda CB1100 EX Instrument Display2014 Honda CB1100 EX Headlight_12014 Honda CB1100 EX Headlight2014 Honda CB1100 EX Front Wheel2014 Honda CB1100 EX Front2014 Honda CB1100 EX Exhaust

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