Kawasaki J Electric Three-Wheeler Concept

Kawasaki J Electric Three-Wheeler Concept

Here is the Kawasaki J, the future of urban and suburban personal transport. Unveiled last month at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show, the Kawasaki J successfully makes three-wheeled bikes look amazing.

The Kawasaki J is a three-wheel electric-powered vehicle concept. It sports an electric motor powered by the next-generation high-capacity nikel-metal hydride battery called Gigacell, which is currently under development by Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. The battery “Capable of rapid charging and discharging, it can be used to stabilise the output electricity of natural energies such as solar or wind power”. Unfortunately, Kawasaki has given any details.

The Kawasaki J electric three-wheeler has unique design. It only has one larger rear wheel and its handlebars connect directly to one of the two narrow front wheels via two long levers two narrow front wheels. It makes the Kawasaki has two different transformable modes: Comfort Mode and Sport Mode.

In Comfort Mode, the front wheels and handlebars spread out, offering a relaxed riding position for city riding. Meanwhile, the Sport Mode allows the rider to become one with the vehicle, where the front wheels and handlebars move closer together, for fun sport riding.

Kawasaki has no plans to put the J into production.

“While this remains a concept vehicle it is certainly a tempting insight into way that diverse technologies currently under development at Kawasaki Heavy Industries could work in a harmonized and complimentary way,” said Yasushi Kawakami, Kawasaki Motors Europe Managing Director.

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