2014 Zero DS_1

2014 Zero DS_1

Earlier this month at the 2013 EICMA, Zero Motorcycles has unveiled its 2014 street model lineup along with a new Z-Force Power Tank accessory that increases power, torque as well as extends the length of the ride. The 2014 models unveiled include the 2014 Zero S, 2014 Zero SR, 2014 Zero DS and the 2014 all-new Zero FX.

All 2014 models get a new head tube and swingarm pivot design with new bearings in each location in order to improve rigidity, a larger 240mm rear brake disc, as well as have been updated with an improved suspension that consist of 43mm inverted forks that are now connected with wider triple clamps and a completely reworked rear shock. The 2014 lineup also receives new dash with a high contrast and cool- blue backlit LCD screen that displays useful riding information and motorcycle statistics such as indicates to the rider whether they are in the eco, sport, or the new custom riding mode. Furthermore, riders now can toggle between the performance profiles with a new right hand switch gear or the Zero Motorcycles app.

Besides suspension and new dash, the 2014 Zero S and DS also gets an aerodynamic chin fairing. The S and SR models come equipped a 140-series rear tire.

The all-new model for 2014 is the Zero SR, a sport-oriented version of the Zero S that 56% more torque and 24% more power. With a larger 660 amp motor controller, the 2014 Zero SR has a total output of 67 hp and a maximum torque of 106 ft-lbs, accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in 3.3 seconds before reaching a top speed of 102 mph. Like the returning models, the 2014 Zero SR also gets upgraded suspension, and some new design elements, including a new dash.

The all-new 2014 Zero SR is offered in a deep red color.

The new Z-Force Power Tank accessory mentioned above can incrase engine torque and range as well as extends the length of the ride. Zero claims it enhances charge mileage up to 171 miles of travel in the city or 88 miles on the highway. The Z-Force Power Tank accessory is priced at $2,495 and available for 2014 Zero S or Zero DS model.

2014 Zero Motorcycles Street Lineup Price lists:

2014 Zero S: (ZF8.5) $12,995, and (ZF11.4) $14,995
2014 Zero SR: (ZF8.5) No word yet, and (ZF11.4) $16,995
2014 Zero DS: (ZF8.5) $12,995, and (ZF11.4) $14,995
2014 Zero FX: (ZF2.8) $9,495, and (ZF5.7) $11,990

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