2014 BMW S1000R

2014 BMW S1000R

The 2014 BMW S1000R is the semi-naked version of BMW’s S1000RR superbike, which made its official public debut earlier this month at the 2013 EICMA show in Milan.

The 2014 BMW S1000R is powered by the high-performance 999cc 4-cylinder in-line engine derives from the RR version but has been further optimized with redesigned cylinder modified cam profiles, head ducts, updated engine management along with a 2000 rpm reduction in the rev limit. As the result, the engine of the BMW S 1000 R has an output of 158 hp at 11000 rpm, compared to the S1000RR’s 193 hp, and a maximum of 83 lb/ft torque at 9,250 rpm, which the same as the RR’s but it provides 7 ft-lb. more than the superbike below 7500 rpm.

Coming with two riding modes as standard: Rain (for wet road surfaces) and Road (for dry asphalt), the 2014 BMW S1000R can be reigned in and unleashed at the press of a button as standard. The Pro modes: Dynamic and Dynamic Pro, with the more advanced Dynamic Traction Control with lean angle sensor are available as an optional.

Race ABS and BMW’s Automatic Stability Control are fitted as standard and they can be activated and deactivated during travel. Other optional features include DDC (dynamic damping control semi-active suspension), engine spoiler and heated grips.

The 2014 BMW S1000R uses an aluminum alloy perimeter frame that uses the engine as a load-bearing structure, a large central air intake, a 32-inch seat height, wide tapered handlebars and asymmetrical headlights. Besides ABS, breaking system consist of two radial-mount four-piston calipers gripping twin 320mm front discs and a single piston floating caliper that grips a 220mm rear disc. The BMW S1000R weighs 456 Pounds.

The 2014 BMW S1000R is offered in three color options: non-metallic Racing Red, metallic Frozen Dark Blue, and non-metallic Light White. It will be available in March/April 2014, but unfortunately no word on pricing just yet.

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