Husqvarna Develop off-road ABS Technology

Husqvarna Develop off-road ABS Technology

Husqvarna Motorcycles (BMW Group) has released its new off-road ABS, “the world’s first ABS for off-road racing.” Fyi, BMW Motorrad, Husqvarna’s partner was the first motorcycle manufacturer to fit its machines with the anti-locking system (ABS). ABS has significant potential to save rider’s lives, ABS can increase braking distance, but still improving vehicle control.

Currently, the highest BMW Motorrad’s ABS is developed for the supersports bike S 1000 RR, features a button “to select engine characteristics including the relevant Race ABS characteristics for a range of conditions such as a wet surface (“Rain”), road (“Sport”), race track with supersports tyres (“Race”) and race track with slicks (“Slick”)”

Husqvarna’s off-road ABS is a so-called dual channel ABS that consists of two wheel sensors, associated pulse wheels, an ABS pressure modulator, a hydraulic system and an electronic control unit. The components supplied by both the established development partner BMW Motorrad and Husqvarna Motorcycles itself.

Designed for off-road motorcycle, Husqvarna’s off-road ABS regulation occurs only at the front wheel, this allows the rider to deliberately lock the rear wheel and drift the bike’s rear end. Furthermore, Husqvarna’s new system has a higher slip threshold and various other modified parameters than other ABS which found in other off-road and dual-purpose motorcycle. usqvarna’s new system offer excellent braking performance over rough terrain, without compromising on off-road riding dynamics.

This world’s first Off-Road ABS is currently installed in the Husqvarna’s current flagship model, the Husqvarna TE 449. “Increased braking performance off-road – reduced stress for the rider”, Husqvarna Motorcycles Off-Road ABS offers significant potential for further development, especially for dual-purpose motorcycles.

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