2013 Team Mugen Shinden Ni Electric Sportbike

2013 Team Mugen Shinden Ni Electric Sportbike

Runners-up of the last year’s TT Zero race at the Isle of Man TT, Team Mugen, has announced that it will return for the 2013 TT Zero on the Isle of Man with the new electric sportbike called the Shinden Ni (a.k.a. Shinden 2).

The Shinden Ni is an updated version of last year’s Shinden, where the new bike is lighter and more refined than its predecessor. No word on details, but Mugen also mentions that the electric motor and aerodynamics of the electric sportbike “been modified in the quest towards a significant performance increase over the 2012 Shinden.

Again, John McGuinness will join the programme as the Team Mugen rider. The 2013 TT Zero race will be held June 5 on the Isle of Man’s Mountain Course.

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