ZJMM R12, Honda CBR250R Look aLike

ZJMM R12, Honda CBR250R Look aLike

Zhejiang Jiajue Motorcycle Manufacturing the ZJMM R12 bike, which I can say it’s the “copy paste” of the popular Honda CBR250R.

China is famous for its copy-cat. The Zhejiang Jiajue did’t release the bike without any new touche however. To not to be called the copy-cat, the Company has added an additional LED treatment on its headlamps, where the CBR doesn’t have it.

The ZJMM R12 is only produced for the local market, with two engine options available: 125cc and 250cc.

The Zhejiang Jiajue doesn’t stop with its Honda CBR250R look alike, the Compay is planning to produce a streetfighter naked bike version based on the R12, and it will be called the N10. Hmmm…

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