2013 Honda Zoomer X

2013 Honda Zoomer X

The 2013 Honda Zoomer X is a fun, stylish scooter targeted for young modern customer in Thailand who wants a cool, modern looking scooter bike. As you can see from the pictures, the scooter

Priced starting at 51 thousand bahts, the Honda Zoomer X is powered by a 4-stroke, air-cooled PGM Fi fuel injection Capacity 110 cc engine which mated to V-Matic Transmission. Honda claims the Zoomer X can penetrate 53 km/ liter. The scooter uses upside down front suspension fork, along with 12-inch alloy wheels wrapped with black rubber stainless tube, as well as comes equipped with braking system with CBS three-pot calipers on the front (black model).

With a target market of young people, the 2013 Honda Zoomer X has unique yet modern design. It even has a large space under the seat (hole) that can be used to store skateboard or other sport equipments. But there’s also available an additional box for those who doesn’t like with that “hole storage”. The Honda Zoomer X is available in black, yellow and white.

In addition to releasing Zoomer X, AP Honda Thailand also released aftermarket part by collaborating with KITACO.

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