2014 Hesketh 24 Official Pictures


2014 Hesketh 24

After three decades hiatus in motorcycle production, Hesketh motorcycle is finally back with a new limited-edition machine called the Hesketh 24, which it’s claimed as the start of a new generation of motorcycles. The Hesketh 24 was originally supposed to be launched in February this year, but for some reasons it got delayed. The bike also was made its public debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in June.

The Hesketh 24 was developed and designed by Hesketh owner, Paul Sleeman. In honor of F1 racer James Hunt who used the 24 as his racing number, Hesketh will produce just 24 units of the bike, but the Company also has planned to produce a two-seat sport-touring model based on the same platform. As you can see from pictures, the 2014 Hesketh 24’s white paint job with red and blue stripes are also inspired by the livery on the 1975 Hesketh 308 F1 supercar that James Hunt drove to victory in the 1975 Dutch Grand Prix. Read more