Evolve Electric-powered Xenon Up for Auction

Evolve Electric-powered Xenon Up for Auction

New York-based Evolve Motorcycles corporation is donating for auction one of its Xenon electric motorcycles with proceeds going to benefit Global Green USA.

The Xenon which was first introducted back in November last year is an electric motorcycle designed by Parker Brothers Custom Choppers. The Evolve Xenon motorcycle is powered by a 60ah custom li-ion battery with riding range is said to be about 30 miles with a 3-hour charge time and a top speed of 100 mph. While the Xenon XR sports a 120ah battery with a claimed range of 100 miles and a 4-hour charge time.

Evolve Xenon electric motorcycles features a handcrafted fiberglass frame, 32-inch hubless wheels, along with functioning LED tape light trim on the body.

The 60ah Xenon has an MSRP of $55,000, while the XR model retails for an additional $10,000. The auction winner can customize the bike by choosing the color of the LED light tape and the size of the battery powering the Xenon. If you’re interested, check out this ongoing auction hosted by CharityBuzz. The auction is currently open and ends on March 14, 2012, at 3:00 pm EDT.


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