Harley-Davidson Intoduces New Motorcycle Jackets with Thermal Reflective Technology

Harley-Davidson Ava RCS Leather Jacket for Women

Harley-Davidson MotorClothes has introduced its new motorcycle jackets for men and women featuring Thermal Reflective Technology. The new Harley-Davidson jackets are the Highland Functional Jacket and the Windproof Fleece Jacket designed for men, and the Ava RCS Leather Jacket  and the Ava RCS Functional Jacket for women.

As mentioned above, each jacket utilizes the Thermal Reflective Technology, which is previously utilized in high-performance outdoor gear. The Thermal Reflective Technology is designed to reflect and retain the warmth your body generates, while dissipating moisture and excess heat. It helps maintain core body temperature for ultimate performance in the outdoors, keeping you dry and comfortable.

New Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Jackets for Women

The Ava RCS Leather Jacket is designed as a three-part system for maximum comfort and climate control. It features lightweight genuine leather shell and removable zip-out full-sleeve nylon liner with the latest thermal reflective technology. The jacket also has two shoulder vents and two back exit vents, snap-tab mandarin collar, reflective Scotchlite, two-way zipper front, as well as optional body armor pockets at elbows, shoulders and back. The jacket’s liner also features polyester-spandex sides and inset cuffs. The Ava RCS Leather Jacket is available for $450.

Harley-Davidson Ava RCS Functional Jacket for Women
The Ava RCS Functional Jacket is a waterproof 600 denier nylon jacket designed for all-weather use. It uses removable zip-out full-sleeve nylon liner with thermal reflective technology for cool weather. Like the leather version, the Ava RCS Functional jacket features two shoulder intake vents and 2 back exit vents, reflective Scotchlite, and its liner’s polyester-spandex sides and inset cuffs. The jacket comes standard with a mock neck collar, while accessory armor for the elbows, shoulders and back is available as optional feature. The Ava RCS Functional Jacket is priced at $250.

New Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Jackets for Men

Harley-Davidson Highland Functional Jacket for Men
The Highland Functional Jacket with Leather Accents pictured above is an all-weather jacket. It is constructed of 600 denier polyester while the shoulders and other sections made of finest black leather. As the all-weather jacket, the new Highland Functional Jacket features a zip-out lining that features Thermal Reflective Technology, while summer cooling is provided by zippered front and back vents. The Highland Functional motorcycle jacket for men looks so stunning with contrast color panels, embroidered graphics and leather accents. It can be yours for $350.

Harley-Davidson Windproof Fleece Jacket for Men
The cheaper one, the Windproof Fleece Jacket is a two-layer laminated 100 percent polyester fleece jacket, with stretch spandex underarms and side panels for maximum mobility, and a nylon hood that can be hidden away inside the zippered collar. Like the other new jackets, the Harley-Davidson Windproof Fleece’s lining also uses the Thermal Reflective Technology. The Windproof Fleece Jacket is available for $110.

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