Yamaha R25 250cc Sportbike Prototype

Yamaha R25 250cc Sportbike Prototype

Yamaha has surprised the visitors of the 3rd Tokyo Motor Show 2013 with its upcoming 250cc sportbike, the R25. The R25 is still just a prototype, and it is expected to be produced in 2015.

Based on the M1 MotoGP, the Yamaha R25 is powered by a newly developed liquid-cooled, in-line, 2-cylinder, 4-stroke, fuel injected engine with a displacement of 249cc. No word on its performance figures yet, but Yamaha claims the R25 “boasts a powerful and sporty ride in the high rpm range while being easy to handle”. The engine is linked to a constant mesh 6-speed transmission and is housed in a lightweight, slim and compact chassis that contributes to sharp and responsive handling.

The Yamaha R25 will be offered in Japan, Europe and emerging markets, primarily throughout Asia. No word on whether Yamaha will bring this model to the U.S. market however.

Here’s take a look the video of the R25 250cc sportbike prototype, featuring the “doctor” Valentino Rossi.

Yamaha R25 250cc Sportbike Prototype_1Rossi and Yamaha R25 250cc Sportbike Prototype

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