2014 KTM RC200

2014 KTM RC200

Earlier this month at the 2013 EICMA show, KTM has officially unveiled its three new street legal sportbikes for 2014, namely the KTM RC390, KTM RC200 and KTM RC125.

“All three models deliver a superior power-to-weight ratio, peerless agility and extreme banking clearance.” These fully faired racers are based on the naked Duke models, with the same engine configurations. The RC390 has an output of 43 hp at 9500rpm and 26 ft-lb. at 7250 rpm, the RC200 is said to offer 25 hp at 10000 rpm and 13 ft-lb. at 8000 rpm, while the RC125 generates maximum power of 15 hp at 9500 rpm and 9 ft-lb. at 8000 rpm.

The chassis of the fully-faired RC models consists of a lightweight steel trellis frame like the naked Duke models, but with a reworked geometry to suit a more aggressive riding style of a true racer. Furthermore, the RC models come with a steeper steering head, less trail and a shorter wheelbase compared to the Dukes in order to get more agile and truly track worthy.

Each RC uses 43mm WP front suspension, WP monoshock rear suspension, wet multi-disc clutch, Brembo braking systems and  Bosch engine management systems. ABS is standard on the RC125 and RC390 models.

The three new RCs have the same dimensions (7.02 inches ground clearance and 52.7 inch wheelbase), full-sized Metzeler tires (110/70 ZR 17 front and 150/60 ZR 17 rear), 32.2 inch seat height, a multi-function display, as well as come equipped with cool dual headlights and rear view mirrors with integral indicators.

The 2014 KTM RC125 and 2014 KTM RC200 are expected to be available in markets worldwide starting in March/April 2014, with pricing set at €4,500. No word on US availability for those two model, though the 2014 KTM RC390 is set to be available for the American market.

2014 KTM RC390 Pics

2014 KTM RC390_32014 KTM RC390_22014 KTM RC390_12014 KTM RC3902014 KTM RC390 Rear_12014 KTM RC390 Rear2014 KTM RC390 In Action_42014 KTM RC390 In Action_32014 KTM RC390 In Action_22014 KTM RC390 In Action_12014 KTM RC390 In Action

2014 KTM RC200 Pics

2014 KTM RC200_22014 KTM RC200_12014 KTM RC200 with Accessories_32014 KTM RC200 with Accessories_22014 KTM RC200 with Accessories_12014 KTM RC200 with Accessories2014 KTM RC200 Up2014 KTM RC200 Uncover2014 KTM RC200 Right Side_12014 KTM RC200 Right Side2014 KTM RC200 Rear2014 KTM RC200 Left Side2014 KTM RC200 In Action_72014 KTM RC200 In Action_62014 KTM RC200 In Action_52014 KTM RC200 In Action_42014 KTM RC200 In Action_32014 KTM RC200 In Action_22014 KTM RC200 In Action_12014 KTM RC200 In Action2014 KTM RC200 Front_22014 KTM RC200 Front_12014 KTM RC200 Front

2014 KTM RC125 Pics

2014 KTM RC125 Right Side_22014 KTM RC125 Right Side_12014 KTM RC125 Right Side2014 KTM RC125 Rear_12014 KTM RC125 Rear2014 KTM RC125 In Action_72014 KTM RC125 In Action_62014 KTM RC125 In Action_52014 KTM RC125 In Action_42014 KTM RC125 In Action_32014 KTM RC125 In Action_22014 KTM RC125 In Action_12014 KTM RC125 In Action2014 KTM RC125 Front2014 KTM RC125 Front Right Side

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