2011 Boxer Design Superbob Concept
French Company, Boxer Design has revealed a new 1000cc turbocharged V-Twin concept model at the 2011 Salon de la Moto show in Paris.

Its 88-degree V-Twin engine which was developed by French Company Akira Technologies can produces 158 hp at 9500rpm and 92 ft-lb. of torque at 8000rpm. The engine also comes equipped with a low-pressure (0.3-0.4 bar) turbo Boxer Design that offers smooth performance across the power curve, especially in the low-to-mid range.

The Boxer Design Superbob Concept weights only 438 pounds (including a full 4.2 gallon fuel tank) thanks to its carbon fiber monocoque frame with an integrated airbox. The Superbob Concept also features 320mm double disc brakes with radial-mount four-piston calipers up front as well as a twin-piston caliper gripping a single 245mm disc at the rear.

According to Boxer Design, the Superbob could be ready for production within two years  with possible price range around $23,000 US.

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