2011 Yamaha XTW250 RYOKU Concept

2011 Yamaha XTW250 RYOKU Concept

Besides Yamaha Y125 MOEGI Concept, Yamaha XTW250 RYOKU Concept is other motorcycle concept from Yamaha, to debut at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show 2011.

Described as the “SUV motorcycle”, this new heavy-duty utility motorcycle should be able to carry heavy loads for both Off-Road and On-Road. Yamaha XTW250 RYOKU comes with a large capacity tank. Its strong and muscular design share the elements of Yamaha’s XT250 and TW200 dual sports as well as Honda Ruckus. Yamaha XTW250 RYOKU will also comes equipped with removable LED lights, chassis guards as well as a low center-of-gravity high-load rear carrier.

Unfortunatelly, there’s no word on specifications details at the moment.

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