2014 BWM S1000RR Sportbike

2014 BWM S1000RR Sportbike

BMW has recently revealed 2014 Model Updates including R1200GS, F800GS, C600 Sport and C650 GT, as well as a new 2014 BMW K1600GT Sport.

Based on its luxury tourer, the K1600GT, the 2014 BMW K1600GT Sport comes in a special two-tone finish: Sakhir Orange/Black Storm Metallic, as well as adds a lower windscreen, a sportier seat design and black gloss-coated wheels. In Germany, the 2014 BMW K1600GT Sport will be available in early August and will be priced at €20,920. There’s no word on U.S. pricing.

For 2014, the BMW R1200GS has been tweaked. The traction control and a steering damper now are available as standard. Rider now also can select Rain and Road ride modes (previously available as optional packages). The base 2014 BMW R1200GS costs €14,400 (increased by €300 compared to previous model).

The 2014 BMW F800GS now gets revised options. A new Dynamic Performance Package replaces the previous Safety Package. The new package includes traction control, ESA, off-road ABS as well as traction control modes.

Other models which receive minor changes include C650 GT and C600 Sport. Both maxi-scooters receive new black gloss instrument panel, filler cap opening mechanisms, silver-painted swingarm covers and black gloss instrument panel.

In Addition, BMW also introduces new color options for the 2014 BWM S1000RR sportbike, 2014 BWM K1600GT and 2014 BWM K1600GTL tourers, 2014 BWM R1200R and 2014 BWM F800R roadsters and the 2014 BWM G650GS.

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