2013 Zero MMX Military Motorcycle

2013 Zero MMX Military Motorcycle

Zero Motorcycles has introducted a new model developed exclusively for military use in the U.S. Special Operations Forces (SOF). The new bike is called the 2013 Zero MMX.

The 2013 Zero MMX Military motorcycle comes in black and is powered by the electric powertrain that allows for rapid movement over rough terrain in near silence and minimal heat signature compared to the traditional combustion motorcycles. Designed for military use, the Zero MMX also comes equipped with a number of features that not available on the civilian model, and this model also has met the most stringent standards set forth by the U.S. military.

The 2013 Zero MMX is built on a light 2013 Zero MX platform and it uses the world’s first truly modular power pack system which is available in two configurations: a single-module ZF2.8 or a two-module ZF5.7 pack. The the ZF2.8 is good for 27 hp and 68 ft-lb. while the ZF5.7 pack a maximum power output of 54 hp.

The ZF2.8 and ZF5.7 powerpacks can be charged using a standard charger which take a charge time of 2.7 hours and 4.9 hours, respectively. Charge times can be cut in half using an optional quick charge system (1.6 hours and 2.7 hours, respectively) or the CHAdeMO accessory (requires a supporting charge station) which down to as little as an hour to reach 95%.

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The 2013 Zero MMX Military Motorcycle key features include a keyless ignition system, modular and quick-swappable power packs, specialized military dash, wet operational abilities in up to one meter submersion, switchable headlight for night-time stealth, integrated wiring for front and rear infrared systems, a safety override switch and reserve power capabilities, aggressive foot pegs and hand guards, as well as tie down eyelets with integrated tow cable and rear seat strap.

The 2013 Zero MMX is not just for military purposes as Abe Askenazi, Chief Technology Officer for Zero Motorcycles explained that the civilian customers will also be able to benefit from the technologies installed in the MMX Military Motorcycle as they will be incorporated in their 2013 MX, FX and XU.

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