2013 Aprilia RSV4 R ABS

2013 Aprilia RSV4 R ABS

Revealed at the 2012 EICMa in Milan last mounth, for 2013, the production versions of Max Biaggi‘s World Superbike Championship-winning racebike, the Aprilia RSV4 R (all black) and the RSV4 Factory get an engine upgrade with a redesigned exhaust system, providing 181.5 hp and 86.3 ft-lb, which is a four-horsepower increase from the previous year’s claims of 177 hp and 84.8 ft-lb.

Both versions of the 2013 RSV4 also come with a Bosch 9MP ABS with three levels of calibration (Track, Sport, Rain). According to Aprilia, each of these three ABS maps can be combined with the RSV4’s three engine maps (Track, Sport, Road).

Both RSV4 R and Factory also get new calipers, an increased fuel-tank capacity (up from 4.4 to 4.9 gallons), as well as a refined Aprilia Performance Ride Control (APRC), which features Traction Control, Wheelie Control and Launch Control.

The differences. While Aprilia RSV4 R uses a 43mm Sachs upside-down fork and monoshock, Sachs non-adjustable steering damper and three-spoke aluminum alloy, the Factory version is equipped with Öhlins suspension, Öhlins adjustable steering damper and five-spoke forged aluminum alloy.

Also differentiating between the RSV4 R from the Factory model are headlight assembly finish, mudguard finish, exhaust silencer bottom, and the RSV4 R is heavier than the RSV4 Factory (410 pounds vs 399 pounds).

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