Brutus, the Two-Wheeled SUV

Brutus, the Two-Wheeled SUV

This impressive motorcycle is called the Brutus from Over (please not to be confused with the existing Brutus electric motorcycle), designed by Alessandro Tartarini, who’s the son of Italjet founder Leopoldo Tartarini.

Described as the “SUV of motorcycles”, the Brutus powered by a liquid-cooled 750cc single cylinder DOHC engine with four valves and electronic fuel injection. The 49hp engine is mated to two-speed Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) with optional reverse gear for both snow and sidecar versions.

According to Italian motorcycle magazine ‘Motociclismo’, the beast weighs 485 lbs. The engine is pretty good for an off-road machine, but unfortunately the bike is far too heavy with its strikingly wide wheels: 6” rim in the front and a 7.5” for the rear that wrapped with huge tires. The bike also lacks of suspension travel – 80mm at the front and 100mm at the rear. Nevertheless, Brutus has been designed “outside the box and beyond fashion and sterile market analyses” and it will be available with optionals packages including a snowmobile conversion kit, a sidecar version, a winch, a fire-prevention kit and a generator.

The Brutus is currently a pre-production concept and will be producted in 2013.

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