2013 Aprilia SR 50 Biaggi Race Replica Scooter

2013 Aprilia SR 50 Biaggi Race Replica Scooter

Aprilia USA has revealed the a new Max Biaggi race replica version of its two-stroke SR 50 scooter. This is not the first time, Aprilia had previously created the race replica based on the same SR 50 scooter, but that was with the 2009’s white Aprilia Alitalia livery. For this new 2013 model, the Aprilia SR50 Race Replica comes with Max Biaggi’s 2012 World Superbike RSV4 graphics, along with #3 which is the number Max Biaggi’s career in the Superbike event. The front face of the scooter is also designed to resemble the face of the Aprilia RSV super bike.

Aprilia SR 50 scooter was first in introduced in 1992. It features a 49cc liquid-cooled single cylinder two-stroke engine inside a rigid frame with dual disc brakes, sits on 13-inch wheels and has a fuel economy of 90mpg, making it an ideal scooter for the paddock, campground, college campus or just bounding through town.

The 2013 Aprilia SR 50 Biaggi Race Replica Scooter is available now in U.S. dealerships at a price of $3,199. Also available with the same price, the SR50 with Diablo Black and Aprilia Orange pain jobs.

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