2012 Piaggio X10 Maxi-Scooter

2012 Piaggio X10 Maxi-Scooter

The 2012 Piaggio X10 Maxi-Scooter is a new flagship of Piaggio’s “Gran Turismo” scooter family that is comes equipped with dual ABS and ASR system, as well as electronically adjustable rear suspension. Not only that, other remarkable highlights on the 2012 Piaggio X10 include parking brake light integrated into the stand, an on-board computer with LCD display, backlit controls, broad windscreen, a USB port for charging cellphones, an adjustable lumbar cushion, as well as triple glove compartment, which the central one claiming to be the largest in class (though the 500cc version is a bit less spacious).

This cutting edge in Italian “maxi” scooters is designed for people who are looking for maximum comfort from a stylish maxiscooter.

The Piaggio X10 is available with three different engines: 125 (15hp and 8.9 ft-lb), 350 (33 hp and 24 ft-lb) and 500 cc(40hp and 34 ft-lb). All engines are liquid cooled and fuel injected. Rear suspension will include electrically controlled, while traction control will be optional. The top-of-the-line 500 cc engine is also equipped with a 41mm telescopic fork, while the 350 and 125 versions use 35mm forks.

After made a surprise appearance at the 2011 EICMA, the availability of the 2012 Piaggio X10 Maxi-Scooter has not been announced yet. It only said that the 2012 Piaggio X10 will be available soon in Europe.

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