AGV Introduces PistaGP Helmet

AGV Introduces PistaGP Helmet

AGV has unveiled its latest top-of-the-line helmet for motorcyclists, called the AGV PistaGP. The helmet has actually been designed around Valentino Rossi’s head, and it’s the first product of the AGV Standards program that creates a helmet’s fit from a laser scan of the rider’s head. The result of the laser scan can be used to create a 3D model with exact measurements various contours on the model’s head.

AGV Standards starts with the inside first and uses advanced construction technologies to minimize the PistaGP’s weight. The AGV PistaGP is lighter and more compact than its predecessors and still offering better protection and comfort.

‘I am very happy with the PistaGP – it feels like I am not wearing a helmet. Its aerodynamics have increased, with excellent ventilation and exaggerated visibility, like switching from TV to the cinema,’ says The Doctor, Valentino Rossi.

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